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Mauve Pink

The HV Polo mauve is the PERFECT match with Roseberry PS of Sweden! So we have put all the items from each collection in this colour category as well as a splash of grey that we think looks fab with the grey binding on the Roseberry! So pick your own unique Matchy set!

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Equestrian stockholm Silver cloud faux fur boots
PS of Sweden Roseberry bow Dressage saddlepad
HV Polo Mauve wayomi gloves
HV Polo Dusty mauve Sleeveless Polo top
PS of Sweden Faith Roseberry sweater
HV Polo Dusty mauve Polo top
HV Polo Dusty mauve luxury t-shirt
PS of Sweden Grey Taylor riding tights
PS of Sweden Roseberry grey Holly 2 pack riding socks
PS of Sweden Grey Alessandra base layer
PS of Sweden Roseberry Alessandra base layer
PS of Sweden Grey Minna polo shirt
PS of Sweden Faith Grey sweater
PS of Sweden Roseberry Taylor riding tights
PS of Sweden Roseberry Minna polo shirt