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We love BR for it's incredible quality and amazing value for money. Every season they bring out stunning new saddlepads, faux fur boots and overreach boots that are so beautiful and eyecatching and incredible prices! Don't miss out on this new to the UK brand!
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BR majestic shine faux fur silver croc boots
BR artificial fur set for headcollar (black or natural)
BR exercise rug reflection
BR Rose Gold Bridle
BR Longridge bridle
BR Plymouth patent snaffle bridle
BR anatomic fit headpiece
BR Southam snaffle bridle
BR Deep Sapphire glitter mali show shirt
BR white glitter mali show shirt
BR grey glitter odin show shirt
BR white odin show shirt
BR Howden Bridle
BR Stanley Bridle
BR Wendover patent double bridle
BR newcastle snaffle bridle