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Equiture browbands

Equiture specialise in handmade luxury crystal browbands made from Preciosa or Swarovski crystals on Sedgwick English leather. 

Every season Equiture design bespoke browbands to match the new limited edition collections from Eskadron and Equestrian Stockholm which we offer to allow you to create the ultimate matchy set- all in one place! 

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Equiture Unicorn glitz browband
Equiture Unicorn megabling browband
Equiture Grey rose gold wave fade Tiffany browband
From £80.00 - £95.00
Equiture Cap in Grey & Rose Gold
Equiture Cap in Navy & Gold
Equiture Cap in Black & Silver
Equiture Key Ring
Equiture unicorn Tiffany browband
From £80.00 - £95.00
Equiture Light rose, black diamond and clear megabling browband
Equiture Rose gold megabling browband
Equiture Blackberry browband
From £45.00 - £60.00