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PS of Sweden Paladin noseband

£109.00 GBP

Leather Color
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The upswept design of the Paragon noseband allows clearance for the cheekbones while avoiding pressure on the molars. It is fastened via an anatomically padded crank attached to D rings which offer more freedom of the jaw. An easy on/off snap is included with the Paragon; simply remove for competition.

This noseband comes with flat leather and is graduated in width- wider in the centre and narrower at the sides making it flattering to any horse. 

I use this noseband on my own horse as she is really sensitive and doesn't like any interference with the bit. The way this noseband curves not only avoids the sensitive areas of the horses head, but also gives full clearance from the bit. 

This noseband comes with the flash loop and flash strap, unlike the two main pictures. 

Recommended for horses that:
- Moderately to severely sensitive over the molars
- For green to more experienced horses
- Looks best on a horse with refined features
- Teeth or mouth injuries

Extra features:
- Avoids pressure
- Magic Flash™
- Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
- Pullbackstrap with snap hook
- Flat, English, vegetable tanned leather
- FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines