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Kentucky Pine Green heavy fleece quarter sheet

£85.00 GBP

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 The Quarter Rug Pine Green is made in the same fabric as the heavyweight fleece show rugs. Fleece has always been popular in the horse world and has many benefits. The fleece quarter rug will keep your horse warm when exercising on a cold morning and also at anytime during the day.

Fleece will maintain the warmth and as a result keep your horses muscles warmer at the start of exercise and when cooling down. As a result this will help to reduce the risk of injury. The quarter rug has the the same feel as the heavy Fleece Rugs which have been popular for the last few years. Perfect for exercising on a cold day and cooling down after exercise.

The fleece is woven tightly to give it the same look and hand feel to that of a wool rug. While warming up, the Quarter Rug Heavy Fleece will keep your horse warm. When walking out or cooling down after exercise the rug will allow the sweat to evaporate. As a result this will allow your horse to dry quickly.

The Heavyweight Fleece Quarter Rug features two Velcro fastenings to attach to the saddle, as well as a tail cord. The straps keep the rug securely fastened to the saddle and prevent slipping during exercising.